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New Jersey State of Good Repair Program - PMO Oversight

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New Jersey State of Good Repair Program - PMO Oversight

project details

This New Jersey Transit State of Good Repair Program (NJTSGRP) involves repair or rehabilitation of customer-facing facilities up to the authorized program budget. NJT has established a Central Oversight Organization to provide management oversight of the full program.

Services Provided

Aligning the facility inspection data included in the National Transit Database (NTD)

SGR Asset Condition Reports with NJT’s 5-Year Capital Plan budget to enhance NJT customers’ experience at customer-facing facilities.

Making recommendations for the selection and prioritization of the SGR work to be performed under the NJTSGRP by internal NJT force accounts and/or externally procured Contractors.

Developing and implementing the standardized program management processes and tools during the NJTSGRP’s Program Phases. Facilitating and ensuring the successful execution of the program, including monitoring, controlling and reporting, in accordance with the standardized processes and tools included in the Program Management Plan and in accordance with the established program scope, schedule and budget