Department of Sanitation, New York (DSNY)

West 59th Street Marine Transfer Station Dredging

New York, NY
West 59th Street Marine Transfer Station Dredging

project details

DSNY owns and operates a Marine Transfer Station Facility in Manhattan at West 59th Street and Marginal Road where a comprehensive rehabilitation is being performed. A marine project that is being conducted over water, the rehabilitation will extend the facility’s life for the next 20 years and involves refurbishing the existing 51,000 square-foot pier building, including the Operations Building interiors. This includes under pier work such as repairing pile caps, bents and pedestals, underwater epoxy encapsulation of deteriorating piles, pile replacement, and replacing fishplates and pile wrapping. Existing fender piles are also being removed and replaced, along with wales chocks and hardware.

Services Provided

Construction management

Project planning

Resident engineering

Scheduling and estimating coordination

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Inspection services